SoftewareUpdate is a small Palm application o install or update software or databases using HTTP. It has two modes of operation: stand-alone and automatic.

In stand-alone mode, you just start the application manually, enter a URL and hit 'Install'. SoftwareUpdate will use your current Connection/Network settings to connect to the net and download the software. It will then install it, overwriting the previous version if present.

In automatic mode, SoftwareUpdate is started by another application (using the SysUIAppSwitch call) with as a command parameter the application to start after SoftwareUpdate finishes. SoftwareUpdate will read a database of URLs on startup and install all of these. The Database contains 3 possible URLs per update:

The format of the database is as follows: 1 record per URL, containing a 2-byte integer with an IDm which is to be the same for the three URLs for 1 update, a 2-byte integer with the type and a character string with the URL (NULL terminated).


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